The hamlet of Puerto Lucía is situated some 9 km from Cortegana, in the heart of the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche Natural Park, where chestnut groves and holm oak hills surround its tranquil cobbled streets and white washed facades, showing their true “serrana” essence.

Puerto Lucía gleams in its long white shape, crossed by the H-9011 road, the only street in the village. At the end of this a spring shows an extraordinary popular architecture, dating from 1932 and composed of a pillar with spouts for people to use, a pillar with a trough for working animals, a stone washing area for laundry and a bench to rest on.

Its hill country, its chestnuts, its olive groves, are fundamental for the expansion of the farming and animal husbandry which form such an integral part of our traditional way of life: the raising of Iberian pigs, cork production and a wide range of activities linked to our customs, such as the tradition of pig butchering and the collection of the many varieties of wild mushrooms.

Puerto Lucía is a cosy, peaceful hamlet, which invites one to enjoy nature, its silence, a place where you are sure to disconnect from the mad rush of everyday life.