Medieval Festival

The Medieval Festival, organised by the Cortegana Town Hall, represents the most important cultural and tourist event in our area.

Over the second weekend of August Cortegana, its Castle and streets turn time back to the Middle Ages and a perfect re-creation of historical scenes. This event began in 1995, when various members of the Asociación de Amigos de Castillo de Cortegana (Association of Friends of the Cortegana Castle) put a proposal to the Town Hall to organise this initiative with the aim of promoting the cultural value of the medieval Castle and encouraging local tourism. It consists in a journey of seven centuries back to a magical and mysterious world full of personages such as knights, ladies, lords and their court of vassals, warriors, merchants, buffoons, monks, etc. The evocative atmosphere of the medieval past puts the Castle in the leading role, witness to our ancestors as the last defensive refuge in wartime, which has come down to us nowadays in a good state of preservation, thanks to the rebuilding and restorations that it has had and it shows itself in all its splendour during these days.

From a more academic point of view, we also organise the Medieval Forum, with the collaboration of the universities of Huelva and Seville, This forum, which unites a diverse cast of scientists and historians, brings a complete vision of various aspects related to the Middle Ages and presents a different theme for each edition.

Another of the pillars of the Medieval Festival is without doubt its medieval market. This market, which unites the fortress with the town by means of Castillo street and its adjoining streets, offers all types of crafts and food stalls. During these days, the market becomes a to and fro of people who enjoy and buy local products, food and craftwork from all corners of the country.

There is also a wide range of activities such as plays, music in the streets, tournaments, exhibitions, workshops and demonstrations of crafts, especially old traditional crafts such as blacksmithing, pottery, etc.,  concerts, a medieval dinner, games for children…

This event encourages the participation of many artists and craftspeople, both groups and individuals, from our area and elsewhere, associations and craft groups in Cortegana, presenting the abilities of citizens of the Sierra and surrounding areas.

Our inhabitants participate in running the bars and food stalls, the street entertainment, the processions and workshops, although we also bring in professionals from the world of entertainment and spectacles on a national and even international level.

For all these reasons, we invite you to visit during these days of fun so that you can enjoy, with our residents and other visitors, the way of life and traditions of Medieval times, in a summer festival that you mustn’t miss. Furthermore, we recommend that if you want to feel like a real Medieval character, you rent a costume (available in the town) and join in all the events and entertainment of these joyful days.

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