Ruta de la eTapa

Every year, our region celebrates the Ruta de aeTapa during March.

The Cortegana Municipality, with the Tourist Council and the collaboration of different bars and restaurants in the town, organises this gastronomic event, where each establishment concocts original characteristic tapas and so show the rich and varied gastronomy of our region.

We have been celebrating the Ruta de la eTapa in Cortegana since 2013 and hundreds of people come every year to enjoy the food produced by Cortegana’s barkeepers and restauranteurs.

The general objective of this event is to promote the region, showing its gastronomic and cultural richness and variety and so offer a quality inland tourism, able to generate employment and and economic benefits.

The specific objectives are: to encourage participation and create a meeting point for bars, restaurants, and restaurant supply companies, bring local gastronomic variety to the attention of the general public and other professionals, promote the local hospitality sector, encouraging completion between the various establishments and bring a greater professionalism in this sector to our community.

The Ruta de la eTapa consists in visiting the different bars and restaurants spread round our area. The participant establishments have chosen two special tapas at a really unique and exclusive price for the occasion and so you can taste Cortegana with the best of its kitchens. Each participant will have a brochure with a map, showing the location of the participating establishments, grouped in areas or stages (etapas) with different colours and the specialities presented by the Ruta de la eTapa. Also, we include a sector called eTapa with 4 blank spaces, to be stamped in the places where you eat, at least one of those which form part of the Ruta.

To take part in the draw, you must get a stamp in each stage- only one stamp per stage/colour. The more tapas you try, the more stamps you get, the more brochures you fill, the higher your chance of winning the prize.

Each establishment has its own stamp with its data. Ask them to stamp your brochure in the corresponding colour and choose one of the two prizes we offer. The completed brochure can be left in the boxes in each establishment.

Every year the Ruta de la eTapa begins on Friday evening and lasts until Sunday lunchtime – weekend filled with activities ( walks, guided tours, exhibitions…)  that complement  the event.