In the centre of Cortegana is the most significant religious building in our area, the Parish Church of the Divine Saviour, situated in the square of the same name.

Its current aspect is the result of different construction processes which started in the first half of the XIV century. At that time, once the population came to settle in the valley, a Gothic-Mudejar temple began to rise, with characteristics that were clearly influenced by Seville architecture, although there were local variations. The “Portada del Perdón”  ( Forgiveness Portico) is the principal access point and dates from this time.

In the XVI century an essentially Renaissance columned church with a hall-like interior composed of three naves and a polygonal presbytery slightly protruding on the exterior. The designs used indicate that the architect was  Hernán Ruiz II.

In 1623 the façade of the building began to be built with the raising of a tower which would be erected in the corner of the gospel nave, and finally completed at the end of the XVIII century. The tower, with a square base, was built of exposed brick and was crowned with four rectangular bays, one on each side, and a spire with a weather vane.

Inside, the church houses numerous valuable items that make up its decoration and liturgical objects. The Parrochial Treasure is an important component, consisting of costly pieces of silver and gold and considered to be one of the best and most complete collections in the province. Also the  collection of wrought objects from the XVII century, consisting of three pulpits and an altar rail.

The church in Cortegana has been declared a Place of Cultural Interest by the Junta de Andalucía.


Plaza del Divino Salvador Nº 1. 21230 Cortegana-Huelva.
Telephone: 644 560 729