Near the source of the River Chanza in Cortegana, a architectural treasure dating from the XV century opens its doors to show us the typical way of life in Mudejar times.

It is a small house constructed in the XV century and was continuously inhabited until the 1990s. It is a humble dwelling that consists of three spaces that subdivide the house according to the traditional design. Coming in, we first encounter an area dedicated to daily life, where there was a fireplace for heating and cooking, a pantry, a ventilated cupboard to preserve food. Through an archway, which, although rough, still preserves the characteristic form of Mudejar buildings, we reach the bedroom, an area where the bunks and the olive jars co-habited with the people during the nights of history.

From the bedroom we move on, characteristically, to the stable, where the animals,who were so necessary for the livelihood of the inhabitants, spent the night until well into the XX century.

The whole building still has its original chalky sand floor in all the rooms and part of the old roofing, the rest of which has been restored. Water was brought in jugs from the nearby source of the Chanza and electric light was installed as part of the restoration work carried out when the Town Hall acquired the building after the death of its last inhabitant in the 1990s.

The restoration of the Mudejar house included repairing the roof and installing electric light, but preserving such important elements as the floor, part of the ceilings and the innumerable layers of whitewash which cover the adobe walls.

The vision of the lifestyle people had in this type of house would not be possible without the different items which decorate the rooms and which have been donated by neighbours: D. Juan Manuel Terreros and the Romero Románfamily. Ancient bunks, olive oil jars, different furniture and traditional goods that may be just the same as those used 500 years ago by its first residents.

Opening times

Previously booked in the Visitors’ Centre, with a minimum group of 8-10 people, the visits take place on Sundays at 13.00.


Calle La Caza Nº 24. 21230 Cortegana-Huelva