Chapel of San Sebastian, popularly called “El Santo” (the Saint’s) is an example of Gothic-Mudejar architecture which began to be built in the first half of the XVI century. At this time it consisted of the presbytery, covered with a dome with Gothic cross-vaults and moulded transverse arches.

The building consists of a single nave divided into four sections, apart from that which forms the presbytery. This nave and the belfry date from the XVI century as do the two doorways, although the side door has since been very much changed.

All its contents were destroyed in 1936, with only one head of an old sculpture of Saint Sebastian being conserved. This is now exhibited in the Castle.

At present it is the seat of the Hermandad de la Vera Cruz ( the Brotherhood of the True Cross) and since 2019 houses a splendid Nativity scene, thanks to the generosity of Francisco GarcíaVázquez and Alberto Oliver. It is a Napolitan Nativity scene, composed of original pieces, some dating from the end of the XVII century and originating in Naples itself.

Among the scenes one can admire some that are typical of this sort of Nativity, such as the manger or Benino, the sleeping shepherd, and other related specifically to Cortegana, such as the am and pork products shop or the examples of traditional “spoon decorated” ceramics.


Calle San Sebastián Nº 2. 21230 Cortegana-Huelva