San Telmo, situated halfway between he Sierra de Aracena and the Andevalo District, is another small mining village belonging to Cortegana, from which it is separated by about 36 km. HV-1201 y HU-7104). It sits at a height of 340 metres above sea level and has a few more than 430 inhabitants, who are called “santelmeños”.

It owes its origin to mining operations. The mine, which has been worked since prehistory due to its having one of the best pyrites in the area, in the XIX century attracted the attention of the French engineer ErnesteDeligny, who was responsible for the opening of many mines in Huelva province. Its operation, from 1854 to 1992, passed through British and Spanish hands, using mining methods ranging from open-cast to adits by means of shafts and galleries. The old mine  installations of this period can still be seen at the other side of the Corta de Santa Barbara,  especially the hoistmalacate, by which the main shaft was accessed and which was used not only for the extraction of the minerals, but also as to transport the mienrs down to the galleries.

San Telmo is situated at the heart of a characteristic mining landscape which is well worth seeing. There is a well signposted path of a bit more than 2 km (there and back) which with its various lookout points and rest areas allows one to view this lovely tranquil region next to the Santa Barbara qarry now flooded and tinted with pyrite.