Valdelamusa is a mining village belonging to the municipality of Cortegana, at about 22 km to the south from the town. It is at an altitude of 535 metres above sea level, just where the mining Andévalo ends and the Paraje Natural de Sierra Pelada y Rivera del Aserrador( SierraPelada and Aserrador River Natural Area) begins, which gives it a combination of the best characteristics of mining and mountain landscape.

Mostly worked at the end of the XIX century by French companies, Valdelamusa preserves the heritage from its prosperous years in mining activity. Its Mina de Confesionarios was rich in pyrite sulphates and its years of exploitation formed a highly active mining village and landscape., due in part to the Huelva-Zafra railway line which passes through. It was inaugurated in 1886 and part of the original station and the loading bay for the mine production still exist.

As a curiosity, it is said that the name Mina de Confesionarios comes from the strange formations or caves of gossan (distortion of “gold sand” which is the mineral that is found in the upper layer of a pyrite deposit) that remind us of the confessionals in churches.

To walk around this almost circular quarry, which has a diameter of 200 metres and a depth of nearly 180 metres, there is a path that runs along its perimeter and from which you can also see interesting elements such as the very high chimney of the steam engine that was used to move the old hoist malacate.